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Dimesol manufactures acid and bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrates for export
and contracted customers in the USA. We've been manufacturing dialysis solutions
in our Lewisberry Plant for over 15 years. Located in south central PA on 27.8
acres, allowing for access to all major road corridors in the north east and easy
access to ports and rail ways.

In hemodialysis, the patient's blood is pumped through the blood compartment
of a dialyzer, exposing it to a partially permeable membrane. The dialyzer is
composed of thousands of tiny synthetic hollow fibers. The fiber wall acts as the
semipermeable membrane. Blood flows through the fibers, dialysis solution flows
around the outside of the fibers, and water and wastes move between these two
solutions. The cleansed blood is then returned via the circuit back to the body.
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